senior piano playing couple playing duet on white grand piano

It is never too late to learn.

With expert guidance, you will find it surprisingly easy to play the piano. Our Leisure program piano lessons centres around Passion, Patience & Compassion.

We accommodate students of all age groups. From those who have never braced the piano keys to those who gave up after years of forced boring piano programs and examinations.

At Vaucluse Piano School of the Eastern Suburbs, we believe in spreading our passion and love for music and fine arts. Enthusiasm is at the core of every piano lesson.

Our Success Stories

Fiona Pearcey (57)
Fiona is a chiropractor in the Eastern Suburbs. Her drive and passion for music is as infectious as her love for chiropractic. She has been a part of the Vaucluse Piano School for over 2 years. Fiona gave up the piano in her teens when the examinations were draining her passion for music and left her in a state of boredom. Our unique program has worked tremendously well with Fiona. She participated in an Eisteddfod this year and has given multiple concerts.

Jeff Ranner (35)
Jeff is a corporate lawyer. At Vaucluse Piano School he is known as “lawyer by day, pianist by night”. Jeff also quit in his teens after a series of examination programs that left him uninspired. Jeff is a highly intellectual musician who loves to explore a wide range of classical repertoire. He has recently given a concert, performing Brahms(GER)  and Granados(SPN). Jeff will now learn to play chamber music as he embarks on his first duet playing.

Denise (40)
Denise, a mother of four in the Eastern suburbs, has never touched the piano before. She has found that the therapeutic benefits of music making is just what she needed! Denise is a dedicated student, coming into Vaucluse Piano School twice a week for piano lessons. She is due to give her first performance this year.


  • 45min Term Package (10 weeks, $100 per lesson)
    Total: $1100 GST incl.
  • 60min Term Package (10 weeks, $130 per lesson)
    Total: $1430 GST incl.