Annual Concert

Our academy pioneers the iconic kids family concert in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. Each year our academy prepares children as young as 4 years old to perform on stage. The concert is formal and it is held at very high professional standards within Sydney’s most historical venues. The concert gathers world class performing artists and music connoisseurs. Children showcase their musical talents and share their performances with family, peers and the larger artists community. 
The concerts get significant public and media attention due to its positive impact on the children’s developmental journey which shapes the Australian and global artistic scene. 
Our latest concert performer, a four year-old, particularly received a deal of fame as he was featured on the Wentworth courier and the daily telegraph. This was the article: 

“Good morning everyone. My name is Jason and I am 4 years old. Today, I will be performing for you Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Mozart. When I play this piece, it makes me feel true love and happiness. Please enjoy my performance, thank you everyone.”  
These were the words of Jason Zhu’s speech when he opened the annual Top Kids Academy’s Concert Spectacular. The 4-year-old’s confidence, public speaking abilities and artistic talent caught the audience by surprise before he brilliantly played the famous Mozart piece on a grand piano that is 20 times the size of him.    
“Sculpting a 4-year prodigy doesn’t happen that easy” says Mr. Maximus Escouri, Top Kidz Academy Program Director. “Kids that young don’t even know how to read alphabets let alone reading music scores. However our innovate program transcripts classical scores into numbers which is much more digestible and fun for the little ones. The program enables students to play hands together in just few weeks. It is very impressive to see youngsters as young as four play great masterpieces of Beethoven, Bach, Brahms…etc.  
 It already requires intense motor skills for a 4-year-old to be able to play with hands together, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, performing on stage in front of a large live audience takes the affair to a whole new echelon. The performer must overcome emotional intensities of stage freight while staying calm and collected throughout the entire performance. These kinds of abilities are diminishing nowadays due digital disruptions.  
Because of the increasing exposure to screen time among kids especially, focus and attention span have become a scarce commodity. Jason is an extraordinaire because at such a young age, he already cultivated the skills he learned in our comprehensive music program which also involves yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, to stay calm and focused. He really stole the show that day. 
Our program promotes lifelong development while combating the epidemics of digital disruption. We teach our children the intrinsic skills that we believe are essential for tomorrow’s challenges despite all the transformations. These skills include leadership, resilience and creative problem solving. We are happy to deliver that through arts and yoga and proud to see Jason benefiting from it already. Our goal is to promote high quality of life for other children and for generations to come.