Drum Classes & Lessons For Kids and Toddlers

Drum Classes and Lessons for Kids in Sydney

At Top Kidz Academy, Sydney, we make drum playing as fun as it looks. At what age can a child learn to play the drums? Drums require some physical aptitude and hand-eye-ear coordination.  To play the drum, the child must be trained to hit the drum at the right strength and in the right place at the right time.  Toddlers who join our drum classes play kids drum sets.  The idea is to introduce to them the incredible sounds a drum can make.  As they grow older, they can graduate to acoustic drums.

“First and foremost I am a drummer. After that, I’m other things…” – Ringo Starr

Drum Classes & Lessons For Kids and Toddlers

We offer drum lessons to kids living in Sydney.  Our students come from every part of Sydney including the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta & Western Suburbs, Inner West and South Sydney.   Our drum curriculum covers all the important aspects of mastering percussion including rhythm, tempo, and timing.

We offer non-exam oriented drum classes as well as high-level exam ready drum classes including ABRSM and AMEB examinations.

“…not only learning to play notes, but learning how to feel them and make music.” Jennifer Kim, Founder

Top Kidz Academy runs private music lessons and group music lessons for kids and toddlers. We also offer a personalised in-home music tuition service for students who are unable to attend classes on our Vaucluse campus. Our in-home drum class brings the music teacher to your doorstep. Your child does not have to miss out on the best musical training in Sydney. To learn about our in-home drum classes please read here.

Our Drum Teachers

Our drum teachers are accomplished musicians themselves and many of them perform in a professional capacity.  We select our teachers not just for their professional accomplishments but for their talent as music educators as well.  Your child will have the best of both worlds – a professional musician who also happens to be an excellent instructor!

Top Kidz Academy practices an inclusive culture with one common goal – helping your child attain musicality.  Every student, parent, and staff member is part of our extended musical family.

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Holistic Kids’ After-School Music Lessons

Top Kidz Academy is a unique experience.  We are different because we believe in a holistic approach to learning the drum.  We believe that a child can learn better if they are healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.   That’s why we offer a range of complementary activities to ensure their total well-being.  Our extra-curricular activities are intended to simplify the lives of both parent and child.  Children can choose activities they like and parents have the luxury of not having to rush them around to different venues.  Less stress equals better learning and engagement.

We run soccer, tennis, golf, and swimming workshops.  We also offer yoga, ballet and dance classes.  Our foreign language department teaches French, Japanese and Mandarin.   To help your child balance school and music, we offer in-home tuition for Mathematics, Science and English.  Our in-home tutors can also help with homework assistance and exam preparation.  To learn about our home tutor classes please read here.

Top Kidz Music Method

We are a bespoke music academy for kids and toddlers.  Top Kidz Music Method is the brainchild of our founder – Jennifer Kim.  Jennifer is a famous Australian classical musician.  She is considered one of the best in the world.

A passionate musician, Jennifer has devoted her time to nurturing talent.  She used her extensive experience as a concert musician and her involvement in the international fine arts platform to design a music pedagogy based on the cognitive functions of the brain.  An imaginative and modern approach to piano learning, Jennifer’s method focuses on nurturing music appreciation while developing a solid foundation in musical theory and instrument techniques.

At Top Kidz Academy, music is accessible to every child – regardless of talent or ability.  Our aim is to introduce the beautiful world of music to your child and to help them discover joy, love and passion for music.

Our curriculum is infused with imaginative exercises and activities to make music learning a fun and enjoyable experience for your child.   We tailor our curriculum to the child’s age and learning ability. In our toddlers’ music class, for instance, musical scores are transcribed into numbers that are easy to understand and follow.  From preschool onwards, students are encouraged to choose their own pieces of music.  Our music teachers guide their progress by customising activities to suit them.

Top Kidz Music Academy, every child is given the opportunity to learn at their own pace. That way, they can develop a genuine love for music.

“Our teacher assesses the student’s IQ, critical thinking, emotional development, social interaction, and body intelligence to tailor the lessons to their abilities”. Jennifer Kim, Founder