Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

All payments are billed per term which is generally 10 weeks. Example, If you are enrolled for 30 mins ($66 + gst ) once per week, your term fee would be $660 + gst.
No, All payments must be paid in full and upfront prior to term commencement.
Yes, payments are directly debited from your nominated bank account or credit card.
Each student is entitled to reschedule up to 2 lessons per term given we receive a 48 hour notice. Notice is not required in case of sickness but a doctor’s note is required to reschedule the lesson.
There are 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 and 90 mins classes.
The class duration depends on criterias such as the student age, attention span and musicality level. Once you complete a trial session, the assessor will advise the appropriate class duration for you. Beginner and younger students generally start with 30 mins and increase as they develop musically.
No, we allocate teachers based on availability. All our teachers teach the same program and use the same material and resources.
All our lessons are private one-on-one lessons.

It depends on the child, every child is unique. Some children can start as early as 2 years old, others may need to start at a later stage once they develop proper attention span and the ability to concentrate and engage with our program.

Prior to committing to the entire term, we recommend you book trial lesson so you get the best professional advice from our assessor.

No, we welcome all experience levels, beginners to advanced.
No, parent presence in the classroom may disrupt the child’s engagement with the teacher and or learning. In order to minimise such disruption, we recommend all parents to be in the waiting area.
No, whilst You can withdraw at any time during the term, fees are non-refundable in case of withdrawal from the lessons at any time during the term.
Once you confirm and accept a time slot, we recommend sticking to it for the remainder of the term. We are a 1 on 1 tuition business, we are booked by the minute. A change in one session will domino affect other students. Therefore once a time slot is locked in for you, we may not be able to change it for the remainder of the term.
If you have any question that we haven’t addressed, please contact us here.

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Top Kidz new online music school is an exciting initiative for more children around the world to acquire an exclusive Top Kidz’s music education. Without changing our on-campus curriculum, our online cello classes are taught by faculty members and incorporate innovative video-sharing applications to help our students form interactive practice groups with their peers and to receive personalised feedback from our teachers.