Mandarin Classes for Kids and Toddlers

Top Kidz Mandarin Classes for Kids and Toddlers

Top Kidz Mandarin classes are suitable for students from all ethnic backgrounds. We teach Australian children to speak Mandarin like a native-speaker.

Children are natural listeners and imitators. They have little inhibitions and can soak up a language easily.  Our immersive Mandarin programme emphasises all the elements of Mandarin proficiency including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Mandarin Classes for Kids and Toddlers

Top Kidz Academy is managed by professional educators who are themselves multilingual. Our founder – Jennifer Kim – speaks 4 languages.  Our Co-Founder – Maximus Escori – speaks 5 languages. We understand intrinsically how language should be taught. We design our language curriculum using our own experiences as language learners and practitioners.

We use a structured curriculum in a fun and creative learning space to help learners of all ages and abilities master Mandarin. For example, our Mandarin for toddlers’ class uses songs, rhymes, dance and movement to introduce the language to our youngest learners. We accept students as young as 2 or 3 years old into our youngest learners group.

Mandarin classes for kids use a wide range of teaching resources to help students master the language. Group sessions allow students to practise their language. Multimedia resources reinforce what is taught in class and help the student navigate the language at their own pace. Our cultural themed activities take Mandarin learning beyond the language to the deep history of its origins.

Our Mandarin teachers

Our teachers hold tertiary qualifications in Mandarin. Many of them are native speakers and have an early childhood teaching experience.

Kids’ Mandarin Classes in Sydney

Our foreign language department also conducts French and Japanese classes for children. We also offer Accelerated English tuition classes for children who have recently migrated to Australia.

Mandarin is just one of many fun activities we teach at Top Kidz Academy. We are a famous music academy teaching a complete range of musical instruments and styles. We also offer kids’ ballet, dance, yoga, sports, and foreign languages.

Empowering Children to Live Their Greatest Potentials

Italian movie director, Frederico Felini, once said, ‘a different language is a different vision of life.’  Learning a second language broadens your child’s worldview.  A foreign language is a window to a new culture and values. A second language opens your child to a whole new world of possibilities and experiences.

One of the world’s largest economies and the second most widely spoken language in the world, Mandarin is language for the future. Giving your child the opportunity to master this language is gifting them a chance to succeed in the future.

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Benefits of a Mandarin for Kids

Mental development

Second language learning at an early age can help improve a child’s mental development. The child’s brain is wired to learn a language. Studies have shown that the best time to introduce a foreign language to a child is from birth to 10 years old. At an early age, the child’s brain is still developing. The child learns by listening and mimicking. Children who are taught a foreign language at a young age, learn it better, retain it longer, and can speak it with near-native pronunciation.

Learning a new language requires focus, memory, multi-tasking and creative problem solving. All the skills the child will need to succeed in life.

Interpersonal development

Learning a foreign culture’s language is the best way to understand the culture. Your child will develop cultural empathy, tolerance and acceptance of others if they have been exposed to the language at an early age.

Communication skills

Language is a communication tool. As part of the foreign language learning process, your child will have to practise speaking the language. This is a good way to develop confidence, listening and verbal skills.

Foreign Language for Kids and Toddlers

Our foreign language department also conducts French and Mandarin classes for children. We also offer English tuition classes for children who have recently migrated to Australia.