Is your Child Struggling in Maths? How We Can Help?

Studying maths can cause anxiety in children. Math concepts like algorithms, algebra, calculus, division, fractions, geometry, division, and others sound intimidating. Learning them can be a struggle for some children. A child who cannot grasps math concepts in class finds it hard to cope. This can result in stress and anxiety for most children.

Mastering maths at school can influence a child’s future. Maths promotes analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These skills are important for university studies as well as for future careers.



Reasons Why Children Struggle with Maths

  • Not getting help to understand concepts

Understanding math concepts is a spiral process. In math class, a new concept is introduced and explained and students are given time to practice. The teacher checks and gives feedback as much as he/she can. If a student is struggling to understand one concept it becomes a snowball effect over time. For example, the concept of multiplication. In order for a student needs to understand that multiplication is the process of adding a number repeatedly. If they cannot make the connections between the numbers they will not be able to apply this skill to solve other math problems like division.

If they don’t get help to understand a concept, the student will not be able to progress in their maths learning.

  • Not understanding terms

Maths is full of vocabulary words like sum, equation, dividend, factor and so forth. Math vocabulary is like reading vocabulary. Time is required to activate the student’s prior knowledge so they can better understand math. Sometimes the teacher in class does not have enough time to explain each term to every student. Or to give the student sufficient time to discuss and practice.

Not understanding math terms makes it hard for a student to keep up in class. They can become stressed and anxious and may start disliking the subject.

  • Not enough practice

Like every other topic, mastery is attained through practice. Practice at home helps retain knowledge, increase speed in solving a math problem. Children need repetitive practice when it comes to learning math concepts in the classroom and at home.

Practice helps children retain their understanding. The more they practice solving a maths problem, the easier it becomes. This is useful when they are sitting for exams.

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Top Kidz Online Home Maths Tuition for Kids

We specialise in Kindergarten to Year 10 home tuition for kids. Our home tuition maths programme covers all curriculum topics taught in school. Our programme is designed to teach children the basic mathematical concepts so they can catch up with what their teacher is teaching in class.

We run advance maths classes for senior students who want to improve their skills. We also run special maths examination preparation classes for students who are preparing for State examinations.


What We Teach in our Online Maths Classes for Kids

We teach the Australian Curriculum. Depending on your child’s needs, we teach all the following topics:

  • Number and algebra

  • Measurement and geometry

  • Probability and statistics

Our Online Maths Tuition for Kid Curriculum

Our curriculum was designed by qualified maths teachers. We follow the same numeracy standards set by the Australian Education Department. We don’t just teach your child mathematical concepts, we teach them to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills beyond their classroom to other learning in school and their lives in general.

Our maths tuition classes are designed to help your child achieve 5 key maths competencies:

  • Conceptual – understanding mathematical concepts, operations, and relationships.

  • Practical – carrying out the steps (procedures) accurately and efficiently.

  • Strategic – formulating, representing and solving mathematical problems.

  • Reasoning – thinking logically, reflecting, explaining, and justifying.

  • Disposition – developing a genuine interest in maths and recognising the importance of mathematics in all aspects of life.

Why Choose Top Kidz Online Maths Tuition for Kids

Flexible learning online:

Our maths tuition classes are offered online. The student (and parents) choose the time they want to study maths with our tutors.

Our online maths tutorials are an excellent way for your child to catch-up with what was taught in school. It is also useful if your child misses a class because of an illness, a holiday or a family event. Online maths classes can also be used to improve their maths skills and to prepare them for an upcoming State examination.

Need uninterrupted maths classes for your child? Call us today on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.

Smart technology:

We use the latest technology and software to teach maths to kids and toddlers. Our technology is compatible with whatever devices your child may be using; be it a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

Today’s kids are technologically-savvy and will be at ease with online learning. Our maths classes online is an effective way for them to use computers beyond social media and computer games.


When they first register with Top Kidz Online Maths Classes, your child will be given an evaluation by our maths tutor. This assessment helps us gauge your child’s learning level and ability so we can tailor classes to help them become maths proficient.

Our online maths community and support:

We have a large online community. Your child will not be learning alone but will have the opportunity to tap into our online community and resources.

Our Online Maths Tutors

Our maths tutors have a qualified degree in mathematics. Many of them are teaching maths in schools. All our teachers have Police and Working with children checks.

Top Kidz’s Maths Online is an effective way to help your child if he/she is struggling with maths in school. Our online classes can give your child additional support to prepare for examinations. Your child’s education does not have to be disrupted with our flexible online maths tuition services.

Top Kidz’s Maths Online makes learning maths easy. For more information about our online maths classes for kids, please Call us today on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.