Is your Child Struggling in School? How We Can Help?

Falling behind in school is traumatic. Sometimes disruptions to school cannot be avoided and your child could miss essential classes. Schools have tight schedules to complete the curriculum and do not have time to pause for every individual child.  If they are unable to follow a lesson in class, children can become stressed.  

Children are under constant pressure to achieve academic success from the school system and their peers.  Success in school is measured by a series of standardised testing, ranking, comparison and competition.  Children have to submit assignments and pass examinations before they are considered successful.  These pressures can be overwhelming for a child who is struggling to understand theories and concepts in the classroom.  

Anxiety and stress can lead to anti-social behaviours like aggression, disobedience and social withdrawal.

home tution for kids

Online home tuition can help, if your child is not coping with his/her studies in school.  Home tuition is an effective way to help the child understand theory and concepts and to catch up with their peers.  Home tuition is also good as exam preparation.

Having tuition at home can help your child perform better in school.  The good thing about home tuition is that they can be specific to your child’s learning needs.  When your child’s academic performance improves, he/she will feel more confident, sociable and driven. It is a good way to help your child develop important skills for his/her future.

Top Kidz Online Home Tuition for Kids

We specialise in Kindergarten to Year 10 home tuition for kids.  Our home tuition programme covers all core subjects taught in school.  Our programmes are designed as an additional tutorial to support the school curriculum.

We also run special examination preparation classes for students who are preparing for State examinations. 

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What We Teach in Our Online Home Tuition Classes for Kids

We teach according to the Australian Curriculum. The subjects we offer in our online home tuition centre for kids include:

  • English – Foundation to Year 10; English as an additional language or dialect; Essential English and Literature.

  • Mathematics – Foundation to Year 10; Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

  • Science – Foundation to Year 10; Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics.

Why Choose Top Kidz Online Maths Tuition for Kids

Flexible learning online:

Our home tuition classes are offered online. The student (and parent) choose the subject(s), and time(s) to study with our tutors.

Our online kids’ home tutorials are an excellent way for your child to catch-up with what was taught in school.  It is also useful if your child misses a class because of an illness, a holiday or a family event.  Online home tuition classes can also be used to improve numeracy and literacy skills, and science knowledge. Tuition is also an excellent way to prepare them for upcoming State examinations.

Need uninterrupted school-based tuition classes for your child? Call us today on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.

Smart technology:

We use the latest technology and software to teach kids and toddlers.  Our technology is compatible with whatever devices your child may be using; be it a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.  

Today’s kids are technologically-savvy and will be at ease with online learning.  Our maths classes online is an effective way for them to use computers beyond social media and computer games.


When they first register with Top Kidz’s Online Home Tuition Classes, your child will be given an evaluation by our tutors.  This assessment helps us gauge your child’s learning level and ability so we can tailor classes to suit their needs. 

Our online home tuition for kids’ community and support:

We have a large online community.  Your child will not be learning alone but will have the opportunity to tap into our online community and resources.  

Our teachers give every student individual attention. Our exercises are designed to suit a student’s level and learning profiles.

We believe that every child studying our home tuition online must receive the same level of care and attention as our on-campus and personal home tuition classes. 

Our online home tutors:

Our online home tutors have a qualified degree in the subject they tutor.  Many of them are teachers in schools. All of them have Police and Working with children checks.

Top Kidz’s Home Tutor Online is an effective way to help your child if he/she is struggling in school. Our online classes are effective catch-up classes if your child misses classes in school. Online tuition is also good for exam preparation. With our flexible online home tuition services, your child’s education will not be disrupted.  

For more information about our online maths classes for kids, please contact us on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.

You can also complete an online enquiry form here.