Our Online Music Classes for Kids

Introducing a New Way for Children to Learn Music

Top Kidz Academy is a famous music academy for children. We are located in exclusive Vaucluse, Sydney. Jennifer Kim – our founder – is one of the world’s finest concert pianists. A child prodigy, multiple scholarships and winner of numerous international classical music competitions, Jennifer has trained with the world’s most influential music figures. Her illustrious concert career has taken her to France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria, Italy, Norway, and the United States. Jennifer started Top Kidz Academy as her mission to bring premier performance art education to young learners.

A progressive music school, Top Kidz Academy is leading the online music learning.

Our online music school for children is the culmination of several years of intensive research, expert consultation, and curriculum and staff development. With our flagship online music school, children from all over the world can now benefit from our music education expertise.

Online music lesson for kids

Kids Learn Music in a Flexible, Global Classroom

Imagine your child having the opportunity to attend music lessons with friends from different cities in Australia. And perhaps, friends from different countries. Top Kidz Music Online is an enriching experience that turns music lessons into a borderless global classroom. Your child will learn how to use technology,

Top Kidz Music Online is flexible. Children and parents choose the time to study music. Our classes are popular with students who cannot attend classes in our Vaucluse campus. Online music lessons can also be used as additional tutorial support to help your child’s music education progress. Your child will no longer have to miss a lesson because of an illness, a holiday or a family event. 

Top Kidz Music lessons online are available for a range of musical instruments.  To learn more about our online music classes please read here.

Kids Learn Music with the Latest Technology

Top Kidz Music Online is modelled according to the world’s best online music learning platforms. We employ state-of-the-art technology to bring fully immersive experiences that are rich and meaningful. We aim to introduce young musicians to the sublime world of the performing arts. Our focus is to support our online students to expand their musical horizons.

Our technology includes motion-capture tools, binaural sound, multi-panel video mapping and augmented technology. We support this with instructional lessons, downloadable scores, and video playback.

Top Kidz online music school for kids uses the same expert curriculum as our on-campus and home music tuition classes. We have adapted our activities to make learning music online as fun and interactive as in class. Our teachers are trained to teach, observe and mentor students through technology. We tailor all our online activities to the student’s learning profile and readiness.

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How Kids Learn Music in Our Online Music School

Our virtual music lesson teachers deliver real-time music classes that can be broadcast directly to whatever devices your child is working on, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet.  A web camera and microphone is not required because we have sophisticated technology at our end to capture every movement and sound.

With technology, every child can zoom in to class. Everyone can talk to one another. It is extremely interactive.

We are a Learning Organisation

Top Kidz Music is a learning organisation.  We believe in continuous improvements.  We keep up-to-date with the latest smart technology and invest in staff development.  Our commitment is to deliver the best technology-enabled music learning experience to your child.

Learning outside the classroom is the future of education. Top Kidz Music Online is a global classroom with no borders. It is a unique way to teach your child the fundamentals of music.

We run online music classes for groups and individuals.

To learn more about our online art school, please contact us on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.

Top Kidz’s new online music school is an exciting initiative for more children across the world to acquire an exclusive Top Kidz’s music education. Without changing our on-campus curriculum, our online violin classes are taught by faculty members and incorporate innovative video-sharing applications that help students form interactive practice groups with their peers and to receive personalised feedback from our teachers.