Kids Program Overview

Three children with sports equipment embracing, looking at camera and smiling


“Every child deserves first and foremost, the gift of health and balance in life.” – Maximus

Most often, your child will be put into one or two activities – overdeveloping/over-stressing a section of the body whilst under-developing other areas.
The outcome is an imbalanced and an incomplete workout

At Maximus Wellness, we educate your child on intelligent exercise and mindfulness in a fun and encouraging environment, characterised by an intimate interactive approach.

Intimate Interactive Approach

In group training/sports, the individual needs are overlooked. Your child misses the chance to improve weaknesses and address fine skills; crucial to growth & developmental stages. At Maximus Wellness, we target areas of need through one-on-one and semi-group training.

Your child will be presented with his/her own unique training program that combat specific fitness deficits.
The environment will also be adjusted in compatibility with your child’s character – Indoor/Outdoor activities suitable for Introverts/Extroverts

The initial consultation to programming is divided into following sections:
1. Posture Clinic
2. Nutritional Assessment
3. Parent & Child Interview
4. Report – Hard & Electronic copy;
detailed report findings prescribed with a corrective/preventative fitness program

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