Below are Testimonials of parents & students who have studied the piano through The Vaucluse Piano School method.


I cannot commend Jennifer Kim and Vaucluse Piano School highly enough. Jennifer has been teaching piano to both my children for the past year. However, what Jennifer teaches goes far beyond the technical skills of playing the piano.  My children have learned to appreciate and put into practice the musicality and the feeling generated when playing a piece of music.  The difference this has made to their playing – which they have been doing for years – has been transformational.

Jennifer has encouraged my children to perform in eisteddfods. She has provided support exceeding my expectations in the lead-up to these events.  The class concerts in the Vaucluse Piano School studio provide an invaluable opportunity for the students to perform in front of their peers and families.

What sets Vaucluse Piano School apart is respect, care, encouragement, understanding and compassion for the students and their families. We feel like we’re part of the Vaucluse Piano School community.
Bravo! – Vicki (mother of students, Anna & Adam)



In Cognitive Training, my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses were analysed and she was then equipped with the correct tools in overcoming weaknesses and building on her strengths. I love that Vaucluse Piano School takes great care in creating balance for my daughter. Every task is set with consideration of my daughter’s talent, physical capabilities and mental state. At Vaucluse Piano School, physical well-being goes hand-in-hand with intellectual training. I also love the class concerts, which provide performance opportunities for my daughter and encourage interaction with her peers and other parents.

Jennifer is in constant communication with my daughter and I am happy to say that in Jennifer, my daughter Eli found a mentor, a teacher and a friend.

Eli is now a multiple prize winner of Eisteddfods and she is currently preparing for a music scholarship under Jennifer’s enthusiastic and stimulating guidance. – Ping (mother of student, Eli)



At Vaucluse Piano School, I found my guide, my inspiration and mentor. It is truly an amazing experience.

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have Jennifer and Vaucluse Piano School in my life. Jennifer is not only my piano teacher, she is my mentor. I am in awe of her talent and I feel I have learned so much from Jennifer. Thank you Jen, for becoming a part of my life. You are my musical inspiration…

– Fiona (Dr. of Chiropractic – Adult Leisure Class)



Thank you Jen, we feel very privileged to have you as our teacher and mentor! William has come such a long way with you, thank you so much. Your Cognitive Training lessons have been the most beneficial for our William and has done wonders! Even more so than occupational therapy.

Thanks to your training, William is now in a selective music school and received the highest mark for music. Our Catie is also a prize winner at an Eisteddfod. We are so proud of how far both children have come with you.

I feel truly blessed that you are on this path with us guiding our children to truly be the best they can be, with love and compassion.  Thank you for your dedication, love and care. – Clarissa (mother of  students, William & Catie)



Learning piano at Vaucluse Piano School is great fun! After one and a half years with Jennifer at Vaucluse Piano School, I have gained the complex skills of an artist, but most of all, I have made a new friend in my teacher, Jennifer as well ❤. – Eli (Age 11)


Cognitive Training lessons have vastly improved my daughter’s focus and she is now a prize winner at piano Eisteddfods two years in a row. We are very lucky to have found both Fine Arts and Cognitive Training at Vaucluse Piano School. After recognising a student’s potential, Jennifer uses a perfect balance of knowledge, talent, experience, discipline and patience to nurture, mentor and challenge her students, extracting very pleasing results.

Many find it difficult to keep focussed and maintain enthusiasm during practice sessions. Jennifer has shown compassion, offering her time outside of tuition to coach GG through sticky patches. Along with lessons in self awareness, organisation, time management and goal setting, GG has been encouraged never to give up. These are lessons for life, far beyond playing an instrument.  Thank you Jennifer, we couldn’t ask for a better teacher and mentor. – Tina (mother of student, GG)



Jenny is an outstanding teacher and mentor. As someone who only started piano as a mature aged student, I needed a teacher with a great deal of patience and some measure of humour! Thankfully, Jenny has those qualities in abundance. I did not think it would be easy for someone as talented as Jenny to relate to a student who had no previous musical experience but I was wrong! Through her passion and dedication to her craft, Jenny challenges me in my musical endeavours and has given me the confidence to embrace challenge in other aspects of my life as well. I look forward to every class with Jenny because she is an amazing teacher who just happens to also be a supremely talented pianist.

Lessons with Jenny at Vaucluse Piano School are a privilege. – Denise (mother – Adult Leisure Class)



I love Jennifer. She is the best teacher in the world. ❤ – William (9)



Jenny is an amazing teacher and she is awesome! ❤ – Catie (10)



Jennifer is a fun, caring, experienced piano virtuoso and mentor who is patient and understanding.

At Vaucluse Piano school, I found help through hard times when I’m frustrated, upset and stuck, and I also found inspiration for me to continue my musical journey.

Jennifer has also taught me to improve my attention span, posture, breathing techniques, technical skill and my ability to self assess.

My experience with Jennifer will be one I know I will never forget. ❤ – GG (11)