Top Kidz Academy Music Method

Top Kidz Academy Music Method

Top Kidz Academy music method is a bespoke music academy for kids and toddlers.

We believe that art education (whether music, dance, drama, visual art or media art) can bring joy, colour and happiness to a child’s world.  Art education encourages the child to ask questions, use their imagination and work in a systematic and disciplined way.

Top Kidz Academy Music Method

Our approach to teaching music is holistic. Top Kidz Academy method is immersive and engaging. Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument or dancing, positive responses come when the teacher is able to harness the child’s curiosity, sensory awareness, and imagination.

At Top Kidz Academy, music is accessible to every child – regardless of talent or ability. Our aim is to introduce the beautiful world of music to your child and to help them discover joy, love and passion for music.

Our curriculum is infused with imaginative exercises and activities to make music learning a fun and enjoyable experience for your child. We tailor our curriculum to the child’s age and learning ability. In our toddlers’ music class, for instance, musical scores are transcribed into numbers that are easy to understand and follow. Our classes incorporate dance, movement, and song to teach toddlers how to respond to both sound and silence. We use quality music-making toys and instruments. From preschool onwards, students are encouraged to choose their own pieces of music. Our music program for kids is a well-structured program that incorporates song, dance and rhythm activities to build music skills sequentially. The child will be taught to sing in tune, play an instrument and move and improvise to  music. Children in our music programs are also taught to read notation and symbols. We use a combination of sound environments to develop aural training.   Our teachers monitor the progress of every individual child and will custom activities to suit them.

Practise makes perfect in music education. Whilst every parent would like their child to  attain great musical success, training self-discipline is a far more important virtue. Regular practising is a pathway to self-discipline that has positive ramifications well beyond that of music.  It is a skill for personal development, fulfilment and lifetime success.

Top Kidz Academy Music Method makes music practice fun and interesting. We achieve this through crafty games and exercises that make music learning fun and accessible. Our practice plan is intentional, focused and detailed. Your child’s dedicated piano teacher designs practice activities according to the child’s learning and playing abilities. Every child is given the opportunity to learn at their own pace. That way, they can develop a genuine love for music. 

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