Yoga Classes For Kids and Toddlers

Kids’ Yoga Classes in Sydney

Top Kidz Yoga trains toddlers and kids in yoga. Our kids’ yoga classes are available for children who live throughout Sydney. Our Yoga Studio for kids is based in Vaucluse, Eastern Suburbs.

Yoga Classes For Kids and Toddlers

Top Kidz Yoga Classes for Kids and Toddlers

At Top Kidz Academy, we practise a holistic approach to early childhood music training. To master music, a child needs to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our Kids Yoga Classes play an important role in promoting physical fitness and mindfulness. A fit child is more prepared for the vigorous discipline and training that modern schooling excellence demands.

At Top Kidz, we design yoga classes for toddlers and children.  Our Sydney Yoga Studio for kids focuses on having fun with poses not on achieving the perfect pose.  Our aim is to create authentic and meaningful experiences for the child to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

We hire professionally qualified yoga instructors with early childhood education experience to design yoga lessons that can be tailored to an individual child’s energy levels. We use music, dance and games to teach children yoga poses. We encourage our students to show-off what they have learned in class and at home. We want them to derive pleasure from staying fit and healthy.

We take special care in providing a safe and injury-free environment for children to practise yoga.  Our nutritionist conducts fun workshops on healthy eating habits for children.

We run simple-to-follow breathing and meditation exercises to teach the child how to take control of their emotions.  Breathe.  Relax. Connect.

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Empowering Children to Live Their Greatest Potentials

Remember the first time you took your child to the zoo?  A child can imitate an animal early in their developmental years. If you’d look closely you would recognise the extended mountain pose’ as your child stretches to reach the giraffe, or the wide-legged standing forward and bend’ pose, as they imitate the elephant. If you missed all that, you may have witnessed your 3-year old’s version of a ‘cat cow pose’ – that looks amazingly like the family cat’s daily stretch.

Teaching yoga to toddlers and kids makes sense if you think of it.  Children are born flexible. Yoga keeps them fit and healthy. Yoga revitalises, re-energises and rejuvenates. It keeps them calm and helps them focus and concentrate.

Benefits of Yoga for Toddlers and Kids

Body awareness

Yoga for toddlers is wonderful for body awareness. A toddler who can take control of their body movements will develop better physically and mentally.


If your toddler can do a ‘snake pose’ they are stretching their neck and back muscles. A ‘bridge’ strengthens back, arms and chest muscles. Yoga makes the body supple. It develops core strength and promotes general health and well-being.

Concentration and Focus

To hold a yoga pose, the toddler must be able to focus and concentrate. Yoga is good for training mental dexterity.


Yoga for toddlers helps children to relax. It can calm the nerves and soothe tensions. During bedtime, the child learns to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Social skills

A yoga class for the toddler is an immersive experience. A small child in a class environment learns how to interact and communicate with peers and adults in a mindful manner.


Yoga for toddlers and kids is an effective method to train memory. To learn a pose, the child must be able to break it down into a series of steps and carry out each step in the correct order.


Yoga trains proper posture. Children who do yoga learn the importance of proper standing, sitting and walking posture.

Yoga for toddlers and kids is an excellent way to promote physical fitness and mindfulness. A child of any age can easily master yoga with the right training and guidance.