5 Great Activities To Get Your Toddler Active And Fit

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The Amazing Driveway Race. Animal Farm Yoga. Zumba for Toddlers. Here’s a whole bunch of activities to keep your toddler active during coronavirus lockdown.

With Aussie families still social distancing at home, we have put together a list of activities to keep your toddlers happy and occupied. Most use the supplies you have in the home. All will require you have fun.

1. The Amazing Driveway Race

The teams. The tears. The race. Set up your Amazing Race challenge in the driveway. Team Dad and Team Mum start at the first Pitt Stop (Front door). The race to the end of the driveway will involve several locations, a Detour, and a Roadblock. Extend to the garden for a little variety. Don’t forget your fellow contestant is a toddler so don’t make your race too exhausting.

The Amazing Driveway Race Route – Legendary Pacific Coast

Make location markers from ice cream sticks, wooden spoons, pebbles, or pegs. Turn it into a craft activity your toddler can enjoy. Draw a sun for Queensland. A cup of coffee for Melbourne. The Sydney Harbour Bridge for NSW. Apples for Tasmania. Grapes for South Australia. And many more!

Detour to visit Nana and Grandad in Surfers Paradise. The Roadblock could be a cheese-eating challenge in Hunter Valley.

If the whole family loves it, you could go to the Nullarbor, The Great Alpine Road, Great Ocean Road, The Grand Pacific Drive, and others.

2. Animal Farm Yoga

Turn your living room into a virtual Animal Farm with simple farm-theme yoga for kids. Ask your toddler for his/her favourite farm animal. Let’s see if we’ve got some of them right.



Begin on all fours (hands and knees on the floor). Curl your toes under. Straighten your knees. Lift your hips. Tuck in your head. Woof! Woof!


Squat. Bend your elbows and flap like a chicken! CLUCK! CLUCK!



On all fours. Look up. Arch your back. MOO! MOO!



Lie on your back. Tuck in your chin. Hug your knees. Grab the outer part of your feet with both hands. Roll like a pig in mud! OINK! OINK!

3. Zumba for Toddlers


Zumba for Toddlers is trending. Zumba is a solid 3-minute exercise routine that will burn some calories. Best of all, your kid will love dancing and movement.

Turn it up a notch by dressing up for Zumba. Easter Bunny makes a comeback for Zumba. Princess Fairy and Spiderman have joined Zumba for toddlers. Mum and dad can dress up too. It will be 3x more fun!

You can find Zumba for Toddlers on YouTube.

4. Hide and Seek

No toddler can resist classic Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek is physical. Your child will get a good workout running around the home. The challenge of finding you will also help them develop agility, coordination, and balance.

Change the game by hiding an object like a soft toy or a ball to challenge your toddler’s physical and mental skills.

5. Kids’ Escape Room

You have 5 minutes to unravel the mystery and escape the room. An adult puzzle game can be scaled down to accommodate younger players. Turn the bedroom into The Escape Room by creating some simple puzzles for your two-year-old to solve with you.

Escape Room Tips:

  • Hide objects for them to find.

  • Give them simple clues to find these objects.

  • Use your mobile stopwatch to time the game.

  • Use letters/numbers to decrypt secret messages.

  • Print out images and use as clues

  • Ask simple questions to reveal clues. For example, what number comes after 2?

  • Use logical sequencing to create age-appropriate puzzles.

  • Limit to two or three puzzles or your child will lose interest.

  • Reward them if they solve all the clues.

Staying at home with your toddler during quarantine is special because you are spending more time together. When the lockdown is over, you will remember these times fondly. So, take advantage of this occasion and create memories to treasure.

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