5 Ways Music And Movement Is Good For Your Toddler

Kids playing music instruments
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The foundations of learning are laid out early in a child’s life so it’s important that as parents, we get them into the right habits from the earliest age. Music and movement classes promote physical growth and health, develop confidence, and expand social skills. Introducing music to a child early is an excellent way to help them develop musical appreciation, understand rhythm, and develop creativity and imagination. 

Kids playing music instruments

Why music and movement?

Learning how to crawl and walk are important milestones in children. Crawling and walking develops a range of motor skills, balance, and coordination. Toddlers need time, space, encouragement to develop these skills. Repeated movement and exercises can improve strength, agility, and confidence to gain control of their bodies. 

Also. music naturally delights children. Most children positively respond to music.  Music also helps set the mood to experiential learning in babies and toddlers.  Studies also show that music is good for brain development. 

Combining music with movement is an excellent way to show children what they can do with their bodies and how to control different parts of their bodies.

Music and movement help physical development

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A range of skills is developed and strengthened when your baby learns to crawl or begins to walk. These can include:

  • Gross motor skills – larger muscles involving arms, legs, and torso. They are important for developing overall strength, health, and mobility.

  • Fine motor skills – smaller muscles in the body like hands and fingers. Fine motor skills are important for a wide range of activities including holding a fork to eat, combing their hand, or picking up a pencil.

  • Coordination – hand-eye coordination is important for picking up objects, writing, playing, and other skills that are part of growing up.

  • Movement – control of different movements, for example, folding their legs like a frog, sitting cross-legged on the floor, and walking at different speeds.

Music and movement classes for toddlers provide a conducive environment for young children to develop important physical skills and strengths that they will need. The addition of music into exercises makes it a fun and immersive experience for toddlers.

Music and movement improve mental development

Science shows that when children learn music, their brains are more receptive to hearing and processing sounds. This, in turn, translates to better focus, concentration, and literacy skills. Music stimulates thought, creativity, and imagination in children. Children who learn music, traditionally perform better academically.

Improve mental health

One of the best ways to help your child develop an interest in music is to start them at an early age. Music and movement classes for toddlers is a gentle yet fun way to encourage your little toddler to explore music.  At the same time, he/she will get plenty of exercise to keep them strong and healthy.

Music and movement grow creativity and imagination

Creative children excel in a career as adults.  A creative individual has a better perspective on issues and they understand how others are feeling. Creativity is not just essential in the arts and creative industries, it is equally important in business, politics, and science. 

Music and movement classes are not just meant for toddlers.  Even pre-schoolers can benefit from an environment of creative play.


Music and movement build confidence

Music and movement classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers is a nurturing environment that encourages every individual child to learn at their own pace.  Music creates the right mood for the child to become engaged with the experience.

Activities in music and movement classes are designed to help children gain control over their bodies. When your child can master different movements, he/she becomes more aware of their bodies and develop confidence in themselves and the world around them.

Music and movement develop social skills

In a music and movement class, your child will have to interact with other kids of the same age group. Some important skills your child will learn is how to wait for his/her turn, how to listen to instructions, and how to interact with peers.

Looking for good music and movement class to enrol your child?  Top Kidz Academy in Chatswood and Rosebay runs music and movement classes for children from ages 2 to 4.  Parents can use NSW Creative and Active Kids vouchers to redeem up to $300 off their fees.  For more information, please visit NSW Creative Kids or NSW Active Kids website.

Today’s Parenting Tip

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Creative Play at Home

Raisingchildren.net.au has some wonderful suggestions to help parents encourage creative play at home. Creating opportunities for play and exploration, and offering plenty of encouragement are some of the keys to success.

Binoculars – Glue two empty toilet paper rolls together. Make a strap with a piece of ribbon and secure firmly to both ends. Decorate your binoculars.  You are now ready to be Dora the Explorer in the garden.

Houseboat – Cut plain A4 paper and glue it to an old shoebox. Cut some windows Let your child decorate it with crayons, colour pencils, felt pens and stickers. The Lego family is ready for a great adventur


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