7 Fun Things To Do With The Kids At Home This Easter

Stuck at home with the kids this Easter?  If your Easter plans have been disrupted by the coronavirus, don’t worry! We’ve spoken to other parents and we’re sharing 7 fun things you can do with the kids at home.

Bunny Girl in Easter

1. Bake Some Easter Goodies

While schools are closed, have fun with the kids with some family baking.  Make it extra fun by adding an Easter theme to cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and biscuits.

Easter Cupcakes

Here are three simple Easter baking ideas to try with the kids:

  • Easter Bunny Cupcakes – Your kids will love these super cute cupcakes.  Use your favourite cupcake recipe and get creative with piping and chocolate eggs to create your favourite Easter theme.

  • Easter Egg Cookies – A must-try recipe to keep the cookie monster(s) happy all weekend. Soft-centre, and chewy-crispy edge, chunks of chocolate and mini Easter eggs. Customise with other fillings like banana chips, toffee or orange zest.

  • Rice Bubbles Doughnut – A few pantry staples. No baking. Just loads of fun for the kids to get stuck into this Easter weekend.

Inspired?  Try something harder with Mamamia’s awesome Woolie’s hot cross buns Croquembouche here.

2. Go Camping (In The Backyard)

Who says social distancing laws have to ruin your annual family camping holiday?  Whip out the tent and set it up in the backyard.  The kids will have just as much fun sleeping under the stars.

3. Play Some Board Games

Easter weekend at home with the kids is the best time to get into some serious family bonding with board games. Board games are fun and will keep kids (and parents) entertained for hours.

4. Go To The Movies (In The Living Room)

Turn your living room into a movie theatre. Movie night is not complete unless you have popcorn. For a surprisingly easy and kids-friendly popcorn recipe go to.

Can’t decide what to watch.  Here are some Easter-themed movies the kids will enjoy:

  • Peter Rabbit 2 (2020) – Beatrix Potter’s beloved bunny is not really about Easter but it’s fun to watch with the kids.

  • Rise of the Guardians (2012) – Easter Bunny joins Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Jack Frost to save the world.

  • The Easter Egg Adventure (2004) – Citizens of EggTown try to solve a bakery robbery.

  • The Prince of Egypt (1998) – The Story of Moses.

5. Do Some Gardening

Get the kids outdoors this Easter with some great gardening projects. Kidspot.com.au has loads of wonderful gardening ideas with children including fairy gardens, watercress eggheads (for an Easter theme), hanging baskets and miniature gardens.

6. Have An Easter Egg Hunt (At Home)

Buy some Easter eggs.  Make sure you have pails, buckets, and baskets handy. Hide the eggs. Ready. Set. Hunt.

Here are some fun ideas to take your Easter Egg Hunt to the next level:

  • Rainbow Colours Easter Egg Hunt – paint (or buy) rainbow coloured eggs and get the kids to find all seven colours.

  • Backward Easter Egg Hunt – let the children hide the eggs. The parents find them instead.

  • Find Your Name Easter Egg Hunt – Paint the alphabets on Easter eggs and have the kids find all the alphabets that will spell their names.

  • Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – Turn standard Easter Egg Hunt into a scavenger hunt.

7. Get Creative

Art and craft is a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained at home during Easter. Here are some fun Easter art projects for the kids:

  • Easter Egg Decoration

  • Easter Egg Sign Painting

  • Happy Easter Card Making

  • Speckled Egg Painting

  • Easter Bunny Project


For more Easter art and craft ideas click here.

All the fun activities above can be done in the comfort of your home while in quarantine. Easter is a special time for the family and keeping the children entertained and happy during this challenging time will have you feeling the joy of the holiday. Stay home.  Keep others safe. And have a great Easter with the kids!  

5 Facts About Easter

  • Easter began as a pagan festival to celebrate spring before it was adopted by Christianity as the resurrection of Christ.

  • The first association of the Easter Bunny was a reference to the ‘hare’ by German physician Georg Franck von Franckenau in 1722.

  • Rabbits and eggs are ancient symbols of new life.

  • In 325AD the Council of Nicaea ruled that Easter should fall on the Sunday following the first full moon after spring. That is why Easter is a moveable date (Note: the defined period is between March 25 to April 25).

  • Australia’s government says the Easter Bunny is an essential service.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny will be delivering chocolate eggs as usual.

Happy Easter!

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