7 Great Garden Crafts That Kid Will Love This Spring!

garden crafts
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One of the most wonderful ways to spend spring with the children is to get them involved in gardening.  There are plenty of creative crafts they can do with a gardening theme so why not combine the two and make it double the fun for the kids this spring? 

Here are some great ideas we’ve found that we think you will love!

1. Pretty gumboot garden

If the kids have outgrown their gumboots don’t throw them away. Turn them into gorgeous colourful flowerpots.

What you will need:

  • Old gumboots

  • Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primerfor All Surfaces (You can purchase this from Bunnings)

  • Potting mix

  • Gravel

  • Plants of your choice


  1. Drill four holes at the base of the gumboots

  2. Clean the boots and apply two coats of primer

  3. Add gravel to the bottom of the boot

  4. Fill half the boot with potting mix, then add the plant of your choice.

What you can plant:

  • Buzzy Lizzies

  • Violas

  • Marigolds

  • Strawberries

  • Herbs

2. Cute garden gnomes for the kids

2. Cute garden gnomes for the kids

What you will need:

  • Woodcraft sticks

  • Craft paint

  • Moulding clay (white)

  • Black permanent marker


  1. Paint the top end of the stick with red paint on both sides; about ½ down the stick

  2. Paint the bottom of the stick with the colour of your choice (for the gnome’s clothing). Leave ½ to ¾ inch free for the face. Leave to dry

  3. Squeeze moulding clay onto the chin to create the beard. Leave to dry

  4. Draw the eyes and a big happy smile!

3. Painted terracotta pots

Painted terracotta pots

What you will need:

  • Small terracotta pots

  • Outdoor acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Permanent markers

  • Stencil


  1. Choose the colours and design for your pot

  2. We recommend using two base colours – 1 for the top of the pot and the other for the rest of the pot

  3. Paint the top first. Let it dry.  Then paint the main pot.  Let the base colour dry before you paint patterns and designs on the pot

  4. Tip: If you are using the painted pot as a planter, you can also paint the saucer. We recommend painting on the outside and leave the inside in its natural terracotta colour for contrast

4. Funny ladybug stones


What you will need:

  • Smooth oval shape rocks

  • Patio paint (colours of your choice)

  • Outdoor paint sealer

  • Paintbrushes

  • Toothpick


  1. Wash and dry the rocks

  2. Paint the body of the ladybug on the top of the rock only. Don’t paint the bottom because it will be sitting on the ground or in a pot.  Leave to dry

  3. Paint the head in black paint. Leave to dry

  4. Use the back end of the paintbrush to paint the spots and the eyes. Use black paint for the spots and white paints for the eyes.  Leave to dry

  5. Use a toothpick dipped in black paint to paint the pupils for the eyes

  6. If you want to give the ladybug a smile, you can paint one on with your toothpick

Other insects you can paint:

  • Bumblebee

  • Butterfly

  • Spider

5. Glitzy plastic spoon dragonfly

Glitzy plastic spoon dragonfly​

What you will need:

  • Plastic spoons in various colours

  • Transparent paper (You can easily purchase this from craft shops)

  • Permanent markers

  • Wriggly eyes

  • Low-temperature glue gun

  • A small branch or stick


  1. Draw two dragonfly wings onto the transparent paper

  2. Colour the wings in your favourite design and colour theme

  3. Cut out the wings

  4. Glue to the plastic spoon using a glue gun (Young children must be supervised when using a glue gun as they can be hot)

  5. Glue on the wiggly eyes

  6. Add a happy smile

  7. Glue a stick or small branch to the bottom of the spoon

6. Clever finger-painted herb markers

What you will need:

  • Wooden sticks

  • Acrylic paint

  • Permanent marker


  1. Paint the sticks with white paint. Leave to dry

  2. Paint on your favourite image

  3. Write the name of the plant

7. Sidewalk chalk path

Hispanic boys and girl drawing with chalk on sidewalk

A box of outdoor chalk is the best way to keep the kids entertained for hours. 

Need some inspiration, here are some Instagramable ideas:

  • Rainbow trail – Rainbow trails are trending. It’s a way to show how much we appreciate all the essential services workers who are keeping us safe as we wait out the pandemic

  • Outer space – Launch the kids into space with a sci-fi theme complete with spaceship and planets

  • Sidewalk F1 – Draw a racetrack for your very own matchbox race

  • Self-portrait. Get the kids to draw themselves

  • Balloons – Colourful balloons are easy to draw.

  • Hopscotch – Bring nostalgia back to your home with a game of hopscotch with the kids

  • Sidewalk word game – Get a set of white cards. Write a word.  Write the same word in a square or circle on the sidewalk and get your toddler to find the matching words. 

Spring is the perfect time to start some garden crafts with the kids.  Send us a pic of all the things the kids have made.  We would love to look at them

Happy Spring!

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