Ping H.

Top Kidz Academy is located at the beautiful eastern Suburb. The management is very experienced with teaching skill and world performances level.Their special designed teaching process is amazing. Kids are learning music fast without practice hours. My daughter start learning piano three years ago with Top Kidz Academy. She has got offer full music scholarship from her school at her second year of piano study. This is a good place for young children to go for their music passion

Vicki G.

I cannot recommend Vaucluse Top Kidz Academy enough. It has been teaching both of my children for the last couple of years. Importantly, The academy teaches skills and concepts far beyond the technical skills of playing the piano. My children have learned to appreciate and put into practice the musicality and the feeling generated when playing a piece of music. The difference this has made to their playing – which they have been doing for years – has been transformational. The program has encouraged my children to perform in eisteddfods. Teachers have provided support exceeding my expectations in the lead-up to these events. Additionally, the Top Kidz class concerts are extraordinary and provide an invaluable opportunity for the students to perform in front of their peers and families. What sets the academy apart is respect, discipline, care, encouragement, understanding and compassion for the students and their families. We feel like we’re part of the Top Kidz community. Bravo!

Donna K.

When I was taught piano it was scales and boredom beyond belief and to the young child I was, I believed it would be years before I ever heard a piece of interesting music coming from the end of my fingertips. It didn’t matter because those years passed, I lost interest and I never did hear that music, but after my son’s very first lesson, without having even played a scale or having repeated the musical alphabet, I sat and listened from the room next door and could hardly believe the fun, laughter and yes, musical tune coming from the room he now shared with Top Kidz. The academy is not your ordinary piano tuition. Apart from being young and dynamic, Teachers are also very sympathetic to the fact that learning a musical instrument requires nurturing a love that you may not even know you had inside of you. The academy knows how to bring it to the surface and to keep it afloat.

Annmarie B.

A piano school with a difference! The School has amazing piano teachers. who focuses on the art of playing for performance. We were challenged to perform and to achieve high standards. During our year here we have learnt to play beautiful pieces that we didn’t think we could play initially, and learnt some crazy poses during Yoga with Max too!

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