Ballet Classes & Dance Classes For Kids and Toddlers

Kids’ Ballet Classes & Dance Classes in Sydney

Top Kidz Ballet is a bespoke ballet classes and dance classes for kids and toddlers. We offer imaginative and inspirational ballet classes for kids and toddlers in Sydney.

“I love how I can always improve but never be perfect.”  Audrey Freeman, Ballet Prodigy

Ballet Classes & Dance Classes For Kids and Toddlers

We also run a variety of children’s dance classes like Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Freestyle and Ballroom.

Top Kidz Ballet for Kids and Toddlers

Our aim is to open the world of dance to young minds. We nurture talent and develop skills in a happy and secure environment. We believe in every individual child’s potential. 

Our ballet teachers

Our ballet teachers are qualified ballet instructors with a commitment to early childhood learning. 

At the core of ballet training are discipline and passion. To instil this virtue in our young learners, our teachers design dynamic lessons that are fun and exciting. The best ballet for kids tends to be the ones with fairy tales and stories. Timeless tales like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Nutcracker can be enjoyed by every child. 

Our ballet school

Our ballet school for toddlers runs classes for children as young as 2 or 3 years old. Basic elements of classical ballet are introduced through song and dance, and games. We teach our little stars the importance of discipline and patience.

Our popular 3 and 5 year old ballet class expands on classic ballet theories and techniques. Students also learn about body awareness, self-expression, and musicality. No ballet training is complete without practice.

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Our ballet class

Our classes are immersive environments for students to train and improve. As a music academy, our ballet students are trained to dance to ballet classics. We also incorporate contemporary ballet into our syllabus. That way, our students are exposed to a wide repertoire of music. We guide and encourage students to continue their practice at home. We motivate but we don’t push. We would like the child to find their own expression through music and dance.

Whether your child is a ballet prodigy or a kid who just loves music and dance, Top Kidz Ballet is the dance academy with the right balance between learning discipline and having fun.

Ballet is just one of many fun activities we teach at Top Kidz Academy.

We are a famous music academy teaching a complete range of musical instruments and styles. Our dance academy offers ballet as well as other dance classes like Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Freestyle and Ballroom. We also offer kids’ yoga, sports, and foreign languages. 

Empowering Children to Live Their Greatest Potentials

Every child loves to dance and it is never too early to start. Ballet for kids’ is a wonderful introduction into an imagined world, filled with music and dance. Ballet lessons for kids and toddlers are more than just the immense pleasure parents feel when we see our child – up on stage in a delightfully cute costume. Ballet is good for the child both physically and psychologically.  

Benefits of Ballet for Toddlers

  1. Strength
  2. Flexibility
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Discipline
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Creativity


Ballet classes are really exercise and fitness classes. A ballet dancer needs core strength to balance and to perform routines.

Ballet classes for toddlers combine imaginative play with strength-building exercises. Along the way, your child becomes healthier and acquires lifelong habits of a physically active lifestyle.


Children are born with a great deal of flexibility, making ballet classes for toddlers an ideal activity for your child.

Ballet uses a series of flexing and stretching exercises to teach routines. Butterfly stretches increase hip and thigh flexibility. Pikes strengthen hamstrings. Straddles (or splits) improve thigh, knee and hip flexibility. Every part of the body is used in ballet.


Toddler ballet lessons can help your child develop their vocabulary. The ballet class is one of the best environments to learn words about the body. Children quickly learn that their bodies are more than just ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. As the child’s ballet lessons progress, they will start to understand verbs like ‘stretch’, ‘wiggle’, ‘bend’, ‘twist’, ‘turn’ and so forth.


Ballet for toddlers may be the first time your child is exposed to a structured classroom. In ballet classes, they have to learn to listen to instruction, share a space, wait for their turn and follow a lead.

Toddler ballet lessons prepare a solid foundation for the development of important life skills like discipline, focus, concentration, and expression.


In a toddler dance class, children are given opportunities to perform before others. If your child is naturally shy, ballet for kids may be a smart way to help them develop confidence.


A ballet class is a safe environment for a child to express themselves. Toddlers dance classes give them an outlet to translate their thoughts and emotions into visual movements. For example, the ballet instructor may encourage the class to dance freestyle to a particular mood. Happy. Sad. Angry. Moody. Your child learns that dance can become a persuasive way to express how they feel. 

If your little boy or girl loves dressing up and performing, ballet classes for kids may be just what they need to shine. It’s never too early to start ballet classes. It is never too late either.