Music Prep Preparatory Group Music Lessons (ages 2-4)


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candid v gel price Fees: $55
Duration: 45 mins
Schedule: Fri 10:30 am – 11:15

robaxin 750 mg online no prescription This preparatory program introduces children to a variety of musical instruments and terminologies. The program focuses on engaging and stimulating the child’s sensory experiences by reinforcing body awareness including posture, dextirity and eye-hand coordination. The program is delivered in a play based approach to reveal the child’s curiosity of sounds and instrumentation inclinations. The classes are foundational in developing the child’s cognitive and social skills in a group setting. The program is a pathway to confidently progress to private 1 on 1 music lessons which involve an in-depth learning of conceptual and practical content.
The program is self paced, children spend about 1 to 2 terms on average before progressing to next levels…
priligy canada Contact our friendly staff to learn more about the program