“Before a child even starts primary school, she will be able to use her mom’s smartphone to learn her numbers and letters.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

Children today are technology-savvy and connected. They are natural online learners. Learning through technology is a new way to introduce music into your child’s world. A virtual music classroom can be a fun and interactive learning experience if done right. It is an excellent way for your child to master technology, develop online communication skills and learn a new musical instrument.

The Best Online Violin Lessons for your Child

Girl Playing Violin

Top Kidz Music Online is a suite of online performing arts courses that combines state-of-the-art digital technology with Top Kidz’s tradition of music education expertise. Our online music school furthers our mission to bring premier performing art education to more children in the world.

We are the first music school in Australia to model our online music school according to the best e-learning platforms in the world. We use the latest technology to bring a classroom experience that is rich and meaningful to your child.

The Top Kidz Online Music Method is an impressive technology-enabled methodology. It expands the student’s understanding of music theory, hones instrumental skills and develops creative approaches to performing and improvising music.

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Our online violin course is authored and taught by our faculty in consultation with some of Australia’s finest musicians. It is a fun and immersive music education programme that teaches violin playing to children from 4 years to 17 years old.

Immersive, Flexible Violin Classes Taught Online

Open classrooms can reach a young learner in any part of the world. Your child could be studying the violin with friends from other cities in Australia or from other parts of the world. In this culturally-rich immersion, your child learns the violin while developing other important life skills like cultural empathy, communication, and global awareness.

Top Kidz Music Online is flexible. Children and parents choose the time to study music. Our classes are popular with students who cannot attend classes in our Vaucluse campus. Online music lessons can also be used as additional tutorial support to help your child’s music education progress. Your child will no longer have to miss a lesson because of an illness, a holiday or a family event.

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Our Online Violin Lesson Technology and Support

We use the latest equipment and software to deliver violin classes in real-time. Our violin classes are broadcast directly to whatever devices your child is working on, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Our technology includes motion-capture tools, binaural sound, multi-panel video mapping and augmented technology. We support this with instructional lessons, downloadable scores, and video playback. Our teachers design online lessons based on the child’s learning profile and readiness.

Your child does not have to navigate complicated technology to join our online violin classes. All he/she has to do is log on and zoom in to class. Our online violin classes are extremely interactive.

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Top Kidz Unique Online Violin Practice for Kids

We teach children to play the violin intuitively – how to listen, interact, respond and improvise. Our online violin curriculum covers all aspects of mastering violin including pitch, listening, timing, rhythm, posture, and music reading.

Our violin teachers design fun activities to interest and engage students online. We use video-conferencing, email and other digital technology to promote and monitor violin practice at home. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to discuss his/her performance and to receive personalised feedback.

We offer non-exam oriented violin classes as well as high-level exam ready violin classes. We prepare students for ABRSM, ABEM, and ANZCA. We conduct private online violin lessons and online group violin lessons.

For more information on our online violin classes for kids, please call 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.

Our Violin Teachers

Violin classes online are taught by the same faculty member who teaches in our campus. Our teachers are trained to teach, observe and mentor online. We continually upgrade our teacher’s training so they are up-to-date with the latest e-learning technologies.

Top Kidz’s new online music school is an exciting initiative for more children across the world to acquire an exclusive Top Kidz’s music education. Without changing our on-campus curriculum, our online violin classes are taught by faculty members and incorporate innovative video-sharing applications that help students form interactive practice groups with their peers and to receive personalised feedback from our teachers.