Piano Sale

Which Instrument Should I Purchase?

It can be overwhelming, trying to choose the right instrument for your child.

Simply, tell us what you want
and we will have the instrument fit to your needs
delivered to your home.

With our expertise in recognising rare and quality instruments, we have found loving homes for many pianos in
2 simple steps.

Sit down with us for a Piano Consultation as we explain to you what makes a great piano
and which to avoid through the criteria below.

  • Home Environment
  • Size
  • Tone/Sound Quality
  • Resonance
  • Mechanics – Functional Mobility
  • Piano Parts – Country of Origin

We will provide the instrument perfect for you and your family including services listed below:

  • Piano
  • Piano Stool
  • Piano Delivery
  • 1st Piano Tuning

For rates and full details on services, please Contact Us today.

“Not yet ready for the real piano?”

Q) We have only just started the piano and are not ready to commit to buying an instrument yet.
Until I know my child is committed, what options do I have?

A) We understand that buying an instrument is a commitment and a financial investment. If you are unsure, we organise: Keyboard Rentals (our choice of models are particular and of high quality in sound and touch)
until you are convinced in upgrading to a real piano.
We call this the transition phase.

We are providers of world class music education and do not recommend keyboards for long term as they are machines with a pre-determined sound – much like pressing a button and hearing the beep produced.

Developing pianistic technique, control of sounds and overall knowledge cannot be achieved through keyboards. We take care in guiding our students and parents over time, in developing curiosity and knowledge of instruments for a lasting relationship with music.

For Keyboard Rental Services, Contact Us today.