Kids Yoga

Premarin purchase canada doxycycline cost “Every child deserves first and foremost, the gift of health and balance in life.” –
Activities Co-ordinator, Maximus

orient rogaine cost Leading Kids Yoga Classes in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

actonel price Yoga for Brain Boost, Stress Management and mindfulness.

There is a reason yoga has been around for centuries and has been practiced as both a form of worship and medicine in many cultures. The mindful connection and unique body movements have an endless list of benefits, and it’s not just adults that can make the most of it.

Kids yoga is an excellent way to slow children down and encourage focus and calming energy. Right around the world kids yoga is being recognised as a way to help treat a range of behavioural, emotional and physical imbalances in children, and now at Top Kidz. we offer a unique opportunity for your children to experience the benefits of yoga.

Our Kids Yoga Program is unlike any other yoga experience for kids.

We target the cognitive aspects of yoga. Through a balance of mindfulness, emotional and physical awareness, the instructor engages the child in a series of “Brain Fitness” activities in a fun and safe environment.

During Kids Yoga Your Child will be:

  • Holding poses for balancing sequences
  • Increasing concentration through positioning and alignment
  • Training coordination through coordinated movements
  • Learning the Flow – one movement to one breath and boosting memory

Playing games targeting Leadership Skills

e.g: In Round Robin, we randomly pick a child to lead us through a yoga pose or a sequence of poses. In such games children harness public speaking skills, they overcome the fear of expressing themselves in front of others and they acquire mindfulness when commanding their peers. We believe that such skills are invaluable to their life-long success.

Benefits of Kids Yoga Classes:

  • Positive self-esteem, confidence and increase in general happiness index
  • Soothing and calming the mind
  • Stimulating the brain
  • Promoting brain activities
  • Boosting memory power
  • Improving mood & resilience

& more…

Our Instructors conduct small group sessions to ensure each child receives the care and
dedication they deserve to thrive under our guidance.

Rates: $27.50 incl. GST – 1 session (Reservation only)

Packages: $275 incl. GST – 10 sessions

differentiate Kids Yoga for Bondi, Coogee, and the Eastern Suburbs

Our kids yoga space is located in Vaucluse, overlooking the iconic coastal walk and ocean cliffs with plenty of street parking. It is open to all children in the Eastern Suburbs including Coogee, Bondi, Tamarama, Clovelly Beach and more. If you would like to talk to us about enrolling your child, contact us on 0401 749 896 or email

Our experienced staff are happy to talk you through what the classes involve and how your individual child might benefit. To learn more, read about our team or the reviews Top Kidz has received in the press.