Top Kidz Online

Online music lessons

Technology is reshaping the way we learn. TopKidz is one of the first music schools in Australia to embrace this change. We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new flagship online music school, Top Kidz Online.


Building on the successes from our music for kids and toddlers classes, TopKidz Music Online was founded to make the exclusive TopKidz Music Method accessible to every child.


Online piano lessons

Our virtual music learning classrooms are conducted by live music teachers with the help of state-of-the-art technologies to detect posture, hand and finger movement. We also employ sensitive audio technology to detect music tonality.

Flexible classrooms

Overscheduled kids and stressed parents are the new normal. Kids today have an abundance of

extracurricular after-school and weekend activities. Parents act as cheerleaders and chauffeurs.

Our new TopKidz Online Music school takes the hassles away from you by bringing the music

classroom directly to your child – at a day and time that suits you both.

Our online music school was set up to meet growing nationwide demand for our exclusive music

teaching methods. TopKidz Music Online is also available to all existing students. Our online

music classes offer an opportunity for your child to continue their music education even when

circumstances prevent them from attending physical classes (for example, family holidays, illness

and others).

Online music classes can also be used as tutorial support to supplement existing classes so your child can progress faster in their musical journey. Online music tuition is effective in guiding your child with their music homework and practice lessons. Our online music classes give you peace of

mind that your child’s music progression is well looked after.

Technology-enhanced collaborative learning

Our online music classes are modelled on our traditional classes. Your child will get the same amount of attention and care that they enjoy in on-campus classes. Our online music classes employ cutting-edge, interactive technology to help the music teacher tailor activities to cater for

individual learning profiles and readiness levels.

How it works

TopKidz Music Online provides a rich learning environment that is as immersive as if your child is

actually in class. Our virtual music lessons use teachers to deliver real time music classes that can be broadcast directly to whatever devices your child is working on, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A web camera and microphone is not required because we have the sophisticated technology at our end to capture every movement and sound.

We run online music classes for groups and individuals. To request a demo session or find out more about our online music school, please contact us on 1300 366 642

or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.