‘Back to Basics’ Reading, Writing and Mathematics for Children

Going back to basics and focusing on building a strong foundation in reading, writing and mathematics will give your child the foundation he or she needs to study and learn. Designed by teachers and early-childhood instructors, Top Kidz 3R is an effective methodology that teaches your child the true basics of how to study and to be an independent learner. 

At Top Kidz we believe that every child can learn. Top Kidz 3R’s was founded to promote and deliver quality educational services to assist children to become critically literate, so they can realise their full cultural, social, and economic potential.  

To ensure our programme is relevant and effective, we follow the guidelines set by the National Assessment Program in Australia. Our teaching and learning materials are sourced from globally recognised sources. We set learning outcomes that are closely aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). We also designed original material to enhance the learning experience for our students.



Literacy and numeracy are the foundations for learning and success.  Literacy and numeracy skills impact children’s educational attainment, their lives outside school, and their future employment prospects. 


Literacy involves ‘students’ listening to, reading, viewing, speaking, writing, and creating oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language of different purposes in a range of contexts’ (ACARA 2019a).


Numeracy includes ‘the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need to use mathematics in a wide range of situations’ (ACARA 2019a).



Age Group: 2 – 4 years

Our programme adopts a socio-cultural perspective. We empower children to become literate through activities that are engaging and meaningful. Our holistic approach to literacy encourages infants, toddlers, and young children to engage in literacy activities in ways that reflect their abilities. Our programme incorporates their culture and home literacy practices. 

Top Kidz help children to develop the skills they will need to transition to school through a range of oral, visual, and written approaches.   

Some of the skills your child will acquire include: 

  • verbal and non-verbal skills for a range of purposes
  • language skills for a range of purposes
  • experience with books
  • print awareness
  • phonological awareness
  • enjoyment of reading and writing
  • playing with, and using words
  • listening and talking skills
  • foundation maths including numbers, patterns, size, time, and measurements
  • ability to use technology 
  • creative and self-expression
  • appreciation of own culture and language and that of other cultures


Top Kidz Early Childhood 3R’s is a flexible programme designed to suit your family’s lifestyle.  


We provide a safe and loving environment for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to grow and learn. Every child is precious to us. We take care of your child as if they were our own. Our care is gentle and unhurried. 

Our facility is purpose-built in consultation with a team of education experts, early childhood teachers and child psychologists. Every aspect of our design is meant to create an immersive and stimulating environment for your child to grow and develop.  

Our care is respectful and responsive to your child’s personality and needs. Every stage of his or her development will be closely monitored to ensure that we can lay the essential foundations to help them become a successful adult. 

We value your input and work closely with parents to develop a programme that links home and centre life. We appreciate you have entrusted the care of your child to us and will do everything possible to ensure that we exceed expectations.  

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Day classes

For parents who prefer to look after their children at home, we run day classes in reading, writing and mathematics for children as young as 2 years’ old. Our day classes are fun educational activities that are taught by trained early childhood instructors. We aim to develop essential foundation skills to help your child succeed in and outside of school.  

Your child’s literacy, knowledge and experiences are the centre of everything we do.  We believe that literacy is more than reading and writing. It also includes listening, talking, drawing, reviewing, and critiquing.

Our syllabus incorporates family, home literacy environment, school transition, formal reading and writing, as well as the social and cultural contexts of the child.  

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Age Group: 6 – 11 years

A strong literacy and numeracy foundation can help your child perform better in and outside school. Children with a sophisticated level of language and mathematical skills are better able to take care of their health and wellbeing. They perform better in school and at work and can make meaningful contributions to society.  

Literacy and numeracy underpin a range of other skills including communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, social skills, STEM subjects and the arts.  

Our Primary School Programme is designed to help your child acquire the specific literary and numeracy capabilities that can help them succeed in high school. 

Some of the skills your child will develop include:

Communicate effectively

Reading, writing, and speaking with confidence.  


Interpret and create texts

Interpret and create texts with accuracy, confidence, fluency, and efficacy.  


Use and adapt language

Use language effectively in a range of settings from everyday language to more abstract, specialised, and technical language including language of schooling and academic study.  Adapt language to suit all scenarios from general to more specialised purposes, audiences, and contexts.

Use knowledge and express opinions

Use knowledge effectively and articulate opinions and thoughts succinctly.  

Think critically and solve a problem

Able to understand the context, consider both sides of an issue, consider new evidence, reason objectively and infer conclusions to solve problems.

 Apply mathematical concept 

Ability to use mathematical knowledge and thinking to solve a range of problems including everyday and academic issues. 


holistic and socio-cultural

We adopt a holistic and socio-cultural approach to teaching literacy and numeracy.  Our Primary School Program embeds literacy learning into meaningful activities. We understand that our students come to our service with knowledge of literacy learnt from home, school and elsewhere. 


Our methodology is informed by the following: 

  • Children learn about literacies through a range of activities including their families, school, and community
  • Literacy practices that are carried out in a culturally aware setting can contribute to children developing a sense of identity
  • Every child is unique with his or her learning abilities and strengths


Top Kidz Primary School 3R’s is a flexible programme designed to suit your family’s lifestyle. Our after-care programme starts from 3-8 pm each day. You can choose how often you would like your child to be at our centre. 

After-school care

We provide after-school care for working parents. We want all kids to feel safe and have an awesome time when they are with us. Apart from attending our 3R’s class, physical exercise, and a range of extracurricular activities including music, yoga, art appreciation, science and coding classes. There will be plenty of time for them to relax or to socialise with other children. Our teachers are available to help your child with their homework or school project.   

We provide a safe and caring environment for your child to grow and develop. We respect and respond to his or her personal needs. We appreciate your input as a parent and work with you to design a seamless experience that can incorporate home life with school and centre life. 

We also arrange outdoor activities and school holiday programmes.   


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