Bondi’s Trusted Music Classes for Kids and Toddlers

At Top Kidz, we know the value of mastering a musical instrument. We offer a range of sought-after music lessons across instruments for kids, toddlers, and adults. Our teachers are highly experienced at teaching piano and music to kids, and will work with your child to tailor musical lessons to their learning curve and abilities.

To learn more about how your child can benefit from music classes from Top Kidz, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly team today.

Interactive piano lessons for toddlers, kids, and adults

Unlocking musicality through innovative learning method. At Top Kidz, we appreciate the benefits of starting young when it comes to learning an instrument. Not only that, but we’re aware of the important brain-benefits of musical mastery on memory, coordination, reaction speed, and auditory and visual processing. Founded by internationally acclaimed piano experts, our school is deeply committed to sharing our passion for musical learning and growth through mastering an instrument.

Our highly esteemed piano teachers are experts in piano and trained in pedagogy, offering each child the best chance to master the piano in their own pace. To better facilitate yours and your kids’ schedule, we also offer after school piano lessons to Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs. To learn more about our piano lessons for kids and toddlers, reach out today.

Fun and educational kids guitar and drum classes

If your child has shown an early interest in instruments other than the piano, we also offer a range of other music classes for kids, including drum and guitar classes. As with all our music lessons, our drums and guitar lessons are catered to each individual child’s needs and learning curve – to best help assess weaknesses and strengths – and work towards their fields of interest.

Reach out to us to speak to one of our advisors and learn more about our kids music classes and after school lessons in piano, drums, guitar, flute and more.

Offering more than music classes for kids

We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing, growth, and musical learning. That’s why we offer kids yoga and mindfulness classes that helps soothe the mind, increase focus, and boost brain activity.

Let’s commence your child’s musical journey!

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