Top Kidz Childcare

With our innovative music based approach, your child will learn, play, have fun and unleash creativity.

Childcare in Vaucluse, Dover Heights and Rose Bay

We are a family owned and operated childcare provider located in the heart of Vaucluse, just steps away from the iconic Diamond Bay and the scenic coastal walk. We are a cozy boutique provider that focuses on each individual so that your child can get the maximum attention and care required. We’ve made it our mission that children receive the care, warmth and education they deserve to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. 

We pride ourselves for providing a premium childcare service for families in the Eastern suburbs including Vaucluse, Dover Heights, Watson Bay, Rose Bay, Double Bay, Edge Cliff, Bellevue Hill, Bondi Beach and beyond.

For over half a decade Top Kidz Academy (formerly known as Vaucluse Piano school) has been providing Childcare and after school care services in Vaucluse and nearby suburbs by supporting children to excel beyond their early years. Click here to read what parents say about us.

Childcare with a difference

We aren’t the typical childcare where we passively look after children while you’re away. Instead, we actively engage the little ones in a series of stimulating activities that specifically target: 

  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient) 

  • EQ (Emotional Quotient) 

  • PQ (Physical Quotient) 

  • AQ (Adversity Quotient) 

  • SQ (Social Quotient) 

Our wide range of curriculum activities include classical music appreciation, creative thinking, yoga, mindfulness, mediation, collaborative team activities, dance & movements, singing, speech, ballet…and much more. 

We are the only music and creative activities based curriculum childcare provider in the Eastern Suburbs; we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to early childhood learning . Our play based method has proven to deliver unparalleled achievements for children and their families. Our success stories attract local and national media and feature multiple full music scholarship awards to private schools such as Kambala and placements in Sydney’s top selective schools, hence the name Top Kidz Academy…. Click here to read more success stories. 

Start them young

The first five years are crucial in your child’s brain development. Whether your child is only six weeks or six years old, we will create an individualized learning experience that will support your little one’s development of language, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Our music based curriculum will unlock your child’s creative potentials.

We are the number one choice for families who want their children to have fun, learn and play but also achieve in life. If you want your child to gain that extra edge, this is the place for you.

Why music based childcare?

We believe that a healthy happy childhood is the backbone to happy healthy society. We believe in enriching children’s early years with experiences that promote high quality of life.

Our music inspired curriculum is a play based approach that ignites children’s curiosity to discover the world around them. The curriculum empowers children to build confidence, develop resilience, unleash creativity and learn that anything is possible.

Interested in learning more? watch this video to see how music impacts children’s development.

Learning at Top kidz

At Top Kidz Academy we are passionate about how the environment influences children’s development. When we interact with children, we nurture their creativity and open their minds to limitless possibilities. Children’s curiosity is foundational to our learning program, our highly experienced educators in music education and early childhood learning create play based programs that foster children’s interests. The learning journey begins with the child’s interest and our educators help them navigate their learning to develop a comprehensive range of skills including numeracy, literacy, creative thinking and problem solving. To achieve this we:
  • Provide professionally trained educators in music pedagogy and early childhood education to ensure all children are safe and well taken care of.
  • Nurture children’s learning journey by hand picking from world class approaches such as Reggio Emilia, Boulder Journey School, Montessori…etc.
  • Prepare children for the big world/school through school readiness programs.
  • Work closely with families to ensure the child’s unique characteristics, interests and culture are taken into consideration when designing a learning program.
  • Provide natural open spaces for children to learn and explore. This includes excursions within the beautiful Eastern Suburbs’ natural surroundings.
  • Offer healthy and organic snacks to support the child’s well-being.
  • Connect with families through cutting-edge apps and technologies so that families are not missing out on daily highlights.

Click here to  connect with us now to check availability or book a tour. We are offering childcare services in Sydney Eastern Suburbs including:

Watsons bay |Vaucluse | Dover Heights|Rose Bay | Double Bay| Edge Cliff | Bellevue Hill| Bondi Beach| Bondi Junction| Coogee