COVID-19 Coronavirus and Aussie School Dilemmas

Australian Coronavirus School Crisis

Australian Coronavirus School

So far Australia is not shutting schools to control the coronavirus. But the Easter holiday is looming. A new uncertainty facing parents like you is whether schools will reopen after the holidays. Or stay shut? Overseas, schools are taking drastic measures to prepare for the disruption to last the rest of the school year. Online learning could be the new normal as the virus continues to disrupt day to day life around the world.     

Schools provide structure and support for families and communities. School closures for days, weeks and possibly months have serious consequences for children and societies.  Schools and parents worry that the children will not have equal opportunities for education. Online learning appears to be the best approach to continuing classes, but not every institution is ready to transition into web learning. Effective distance learning requires planning and targeted professional development. Classes must be seamless. Lessons have to be adapted.  Teachers need training. Technology has to be available.

Our Academy in Vaucluse, Sydney is prepared for students to learn outside the classroom. Top Kidz Academy has been developing its online platform for several years. The online classes were originally developed as tutorial support for existing on-campus classes but the virus has changed all that. 

“We were in the final stages of our online music school launch when the Diamond

Princess became world news. After that, we dropped everything and worked around the clock to get the classes ready,” said Top Kidz Academy Pty Ltd. CEO.

When Top Kidz launched their online classes last week, they were inundated with enquiries from relieved parents and students. “We had quite a few calls from parents and students who were worried that classes would be cancelled if the nation goes into lockdown,” Mr. Escouri added.  Online classes at Top Kidz have already started
for students who have been isolated at home by their parents. Since its
launch, we have also received hundreds of enquiries from other
countries where parents have been left stranded with no alternative for
their children’s education including China, India, Europe and the Middle East.  “We are fortunate we were prepared and extremely grateful we can help,” said Mr. Escouri.

Done right, online learning can be a way for the child to solve problems creatively, learn new technology and connect differently. Certainly, in today’s pandemic crisis, it is a way to keep kids stimulated and productively occupied.  


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