All the Good Health Benefits Yoga Gives your Child

Yoga is extremely good for children. Children benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from yoga. The list of health benefits your child can derive from yoga is extensive. Yoga is safe and does not cause injury to children if taught by a qualified yoga instructor.

If you want your child to lead a balanced life, consider enrolling them in yoga classes. You could be surprised by the results.

online yoga classes for kids

The Fascinating Wellness and Health Benefits of Online Yoga Classes for Kids

  • Yoga improves children’s physical health

Regular yoga poses are good for cardiovascular health.

Yoga for kids is an energised fun activity where children will get a good workout to keep the blood pumping and their hearts strong and healthy.

Yoga is good for children’s health in other ways too. Stretching improves flexibility and keeps bones strong. Breathing exercises in yoga strengthens the lungs and increases oxygen intake to rejuvenate cells.

  • Yoga improves children’s mental health

Yoga is an effective alternative to treating childhood stress. Children experience stress and anxiety-like adults. A child who cannot cope with school, family or peer pressure can become sad, anxious and stressed. Children can also develop anti-social behaviours like aggression, disobedience, tantrums or social withdrawal.

Breathing exercises taught during yoga kids’ classes can help calm the mind and soothe nerves. Children who are taught yoga can identify the triggers that make them anxious. They know how to adopt a pose to calm themselves down.

Yoga is a powerful tool for minimising childhood anxiety and stress. A child who knows yoga is in control of his/her body.

  • Yoga boost confidence

When a child has successfully executed a yoga pose, he/she feels incredibly proud of their abilities. Yoga is excellent for building confidence in children.

  • Yoga develops social skills

A yoga class, whether traditional classroom setting or modern virtual classroom, is an immersive activity where children exercise together. Yoga classes at an early age teach the child how to communicate and interact with other children, to wait their turn, and to follow instructions.

  • Yoga builds inclusivity

Not all children are good at sports. Yoga is a brilliant alternative for children to participate in a physical activity that is not a competition or ability-driven. Yoga is an extremely inclusive group activity. No child will feel out of place in a yoga class.

  • Yoga introduces mindfulness

Yoga is a lifestyle. Children in online yoga classes are also taught to look after their total wellbeing. Some of the things they will learn include good nutrition habits, personal hygiene, and meditation.

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Top Kidz Online Yoga Classes

Top Kidz Online Yoga is an innovative way to bring yoga into every child’s world. Our yoga online is flexible which means your child can decide when he/she participate in class.

Yoga for children is a wonderful way to keep your child exercising in circumstances when they cannot physically participate in sports or physical activity.

We use the latest technology that can be broadcasted directly to any device your child is using – whether it’s a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. We regularly update our technology and train our staff to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality technology-enabled yoga classes to your child.

Your child does not have to study yoga in isolation just because our classes are online. On the contrary, Top Kidz’s Online Yoga is an immersive experience where your child connects with children from all over Australia (and possibly, other parts of the world) to learn yoga together. Yoga in our virtual classrooms is interesting and fun. While his/her health improves, your child will also have the benefit of learning to communicate and socialise in an online space as well as using technology as a learning tool.

Our Yoga Teacher - Max Escouri

Max Escouri – our Co-Founder is a qualified yoga instructor and early childhood educator. Max has dedicated his life to teaching yoga. He is committed to providing access to every child in the world to experience the benefits of yoga. His special interest is in teaching yoga techniques that promote total individual wellness without risk of injury.

Max was personally involved in the design of Top Kidz’s Yoga Online. Our online yoga classes were developed to expand the study and practice of yoga to as many children as possible.

For more information about our Online Yoga Classes for Kids, please contact us on 1300 366 642 or email us: contact@topkidz.com.au.