Kids sports and activities in Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Double Bay

Physical well-being is paramount to our kids development. At Top Kidz Academy we train a generation of little athletes that embrace the spirit of exercise as a personal outlet and a social activity.

We provide a wide range of sports that support your child’s physical, emotional and social growth.

We empower children to become their best while boosting their confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our program fosters friendship and collaboration to achieve common goals. Our fitness program is customized to support the entire physical development of your child. Our total fitness program targets small and large muscle groups, it invigorates the body with energy and helps children achieve the overall strength and agility required for many spots.

We also provide guided workshops and practice sessions in soccer, yoga, Tennis, swimming, golfing and much more in the Eastern Suburbs. Click here.to learn more about the activities we currently offer to kids at our Vaucluse Campus.